Our landscape

In the recent and present time that we live, many of the important and transcendent things of the collective daily life have changed. “When a margin fell or a roof collapsed, it did not stop until it was redone, the … Read More

In Plans of Rabbit, let’s save the “Limonium catalaunicum”

There is a place nearby, our, magical and forgotten, where life and nature make their way every day. It is a place hidden from the crowds and from the human presence. Some few and few days of the year man … Read More

Cage the beauty

Says the popular saying that “The veranillo de San Martín of all the birds makes come”. With the arrival of the first cold, arrive to our country, a multitude of small birds that remain during the winter between us. Basically … Read More

The Talladell fossils

The British Museum in London, the Naturhistorisches Museum in Basel, the Geowissenschaftliches Museum in Göttingen, the Musseé de Histoire Naturelles in Lyon, the Museum of Natural Sciences in Madrid, the Geology Museum in Barcelona are some of the museums, where … Read More

The fox: Heritage of the Segarra and the Urgell.

“We are at the end of the summer, for the fox born at the beginning of March of this year, somewhere near home, it is the worst moment of its short existence. A puppy brother, has died down shot by … Read More

The Torre del Codina: Nature, history and sustainability.

Location, history and nature: The Rural House of “La Torre del Codina”, is located in the northernmost part of the old Talladell terminus, 4 km from the village, in the municipality of Tàrrega. SITUATION OF LA TORRE DEL CODINA The … Read More

Explanatory video of La Torre del Codina

House of rural tourism located in Talladell to the municipality of Tàrrega, between the Urgell and the Segarra. The house is located within the Protected Natural Area of Grañena. Discover the house and its surroundings at the hands of Jaume.

The Torre del Codina before and during rehabilitation

The video that we present to you is the state that the whole of La Torre del Codina was in 2006. In 2006, rehabilitation works were started on the Torre del Codina to transform it into a rural tourism house.