A house of the XVII century

History of La Torre del Codina

La Torre del Codina is an exemplary building of the seventeenth-century rural architecture, and it was built for farm and livestock uses. The sharecroppers lived there regularly and there was room for the owners as well, who would stay in occasionally. The villa also housed seasonal workers during the harvest of grain and grape and it served as a hostel, as well.

The building has been renovated several times over the years. The last reform –prior to rehabilitating the house as a rural lodging¬– dates from the late nineteenth century, as it is reflected in the front doors with the inscription DJ CODINA 1891.

On the stone lintel of the entrance there is another important date: October 7, 1753. It was Sunday and the feast of Our Lady of Rosary. The parish of St. Peter’s in Talladell has a chapel dedicated to this Virgin and it is supposed that that day, they blessed the restoration of the villa.

Documents of the El Talladell church mention the site in 1708 as Tower Reixachs, and, since 1738, as Tower Codina. The tower was inhabited until the big snowfall of February 1944.

The stones of La Torre del Codina, restored since 2007, speak to us at every moment of its long and intense history:

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