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The energy self-sufficiency of the rural house of La Torre del Codina is a sign of the commitment to sustainability and renewables that links with the idea of ​​being a reference in the recovery of native flora and fauna to recover the biodiversity of the natural environment.

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The rustic plot of 10 hectares is destined to wasteland of agroforestry vegetation, and to the ecological cultivation of vine, olive and cereal, certified by the “Catalan Council of Ecological Agricultural Production”.

The characteristic of the privileged situation of La Torre del Codina determines the obtaining of basic services -water, electricity and sewage-. The commitment to an energy independent system makes it a sustainability model applicable to other buildings with similar casuistry.


The house has an electrical supply that is generated from photovoltaic panels, with a daily generation of 14,674 Wh / day, a 10,000 kWh annual production wind turbine, and accumulates the energy produced in a set of 12, 2-volt, batteries with a 73,680 Ah capacity. The installation is complemented by an electric diesel generator that runs sporadically.


The thermal installation consists of a biomass boiler with a nominal power of 45 kW, 12 units of thermal solar panels and domestic hot water and heating accumulators.

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For the supply of drinking water, the cistern has a capacity of 40,000 liters, which collects and purifies the rainwater, with the analysis, automatic control and correction of the PH and chlorine. It is complemented, in times of drought, with the supply of drinking water by tank trucks.


The wastewater of the house is treated in a biological treatment plant with vertical and horizontal filters and treatment capacity of 1,700 liters / day, which once treated and purified are transferred to a raft, which serves as habitat and refuge for amphibians, of bird drinker and wildlife.


The house has selective collection of glass, plastic, paper and organic, and all consumables and cleaning products have the European Ecolabel ecological certificate, since the wastewater cannot contain aggressive chemical elements and / or harmful to the flora or wildlife.

One of the objectives of the Torre del Codina is to become a “center of interpretation of alternative energies” to reach schools through the development of teaching materials and conducting scheduled visits.

La Torre del Codina.

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