La Mona de Pasqua

The word “mona” which is designated for the Easter cake, comes from the Latin “munda” (“tray adorned with pastas offered to the goddess Ceres”), plural plural of mundus or could also come from ancient Arabic mūna («present or gift consisting of mouth provisions»). On Easter Sunday, the godmothers and godparents present their godchildren with this sweet treat.


La Mona de Pasqua


In our country, in the Catalan language, Easter cake has many other names, depending on where it is located. Only in the Valencian Country the Easter mona receives the name of: Coca d’aire, panou, pa d’ou, pa d’aire, fogasseta, pa socarrat, pa cremat, fogassa, tonya, prim, prima, rosca o coca bova. Many of these names would correspond to what we know here as sweet cakes or cakes. There are other sweet products, typical of Easter, such as the fritters or brunyols, the Morella flaó, the Rams tortilla, the fried milk, the stews, or the candies, rubiols and crespells on Mallorca.



Ingredients for The Easter Mona (Pa de pessic) 


5 eggs

120 gr. of flour

200 gr. of sugar

A pinch of salt

Glacier sugar.


La Mona de Pasqua
The Easter Mona


We will stuff it and garnish to everyone’s taste, with butter, candied fruit, chopped toasted almonds, jam, sweet liqueur, chocolate…


Bon Appetit!


Jaume Ramon Solé.

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