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Claravalls watering place

Distance: 10,6 km.

Accumulated difference in level: 40 m.

Circular itinerary with start and finish in Claravalls. This route does not go through sections of signposted trails. Between Claravalls and the Urgell canal, the route passes through the Xarxa Natura 2000 Plans de Sió area and the section to the south of the Urgell canal passes through the Xarxa Natura 2000 Anglesola-Vilagrassa area.

Areas and places of natural interest

Claravalls: Church of Sant Salvador, Chapel of the Virgin of the Arcs, Creu de Terme and Castle.

Bassa de Claravalls: small pond located in the stream of Claravalls.

Clots del Comellar-la Pleta: small steep space located between the solar park and the Claravalls stream.

Salats del reguer de Claravalls: small plain of temporary flood, with clayey and saline soils.

Alfalsars de la Masia Ribalta: the alfalfa located in this area is one of the main refuges of the buzzard after the harvest of cereals in winter, and during the summer months we can also feel and observe the quail.

Bassa del camí d’Anglesola a Claravalls: shallow excavated pond that feeds on water from the Urgell canal.

Bassa annexa als dipòsits de Tàrrega: small pond located north of the road.

Les Vinyasses: dryland crop sector with intercalated cereals and almonds. In this space you can see species such as the common kestrel, the capercaillie and the blue jay.

Source: Tàrrega City Council

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» Place: Claravalls watering place
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