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Drylands of Figuerosa and Riudovelles

Distance: 8 km.

Accumulated difference in level: 57 m.

Circular route with departure and arrival at La Figuerosa and passing through Riudovelles. Much of the route is part of the short-distance path PR-C 69: Els conill plans, conveniently signposted and with signposts. The itinerary runs mainly within the area of the Nature Network 2ooo Zion Plans. In the north-western section of the route we will be able to enjoy some interesting views towards the Alt Sió, with the Almenara mountain range and the Montsec mountain range in the background. The route crosses dryland crops, mainly cereals where we can find a good representation of the dry fauna of the drylands.

Areas and places of natural interest

La Figuerosa: parish church of Our Lady of the Assumption and the chapel of Sant Marçal.

Barranc de la Figuerosa o clot del Canós: is the upper section of the Altet stream, it forms a poorly drained valley floor that in the rainiest years remains flooded even during the summer.

Carrascar de les Pletes: small holm oak with a rectangular surface corresponding to old plots of land revegetated naturally following the processes of natural succession.

Bassa Dolç: small shallow rainwater pond occupied by reeds and tamarisks. It is located next to the Segarra-Garrigues canal.

Riudovelles: church of Sant Gil.

Riudovelles pond: a small pond with boga or bova settlements, interesting for some amphibians and some birds such as the waterfowl.

Bosc de l’Hort Trencat: holm oak surrounded by dry stone walls located in the middle of an area of dry land crops.

It forms a cleared forest with large holm oak individuals. Interesting for observing the most forested animal species.

Drylands of the north of Riudovelles: cereal plain with siscallars and esparto settlements on its banks.

Clot de Sant Gil: valley floor with holm oaks and rudders in the ridge areas. The abundance of partridges and rabbits attracts the presence of large birds of prey, especially outside the breeding season.

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