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Les Garrigues

Distance: 13,9 km.

Accumulated difference in level: 137 m.

Itinerary in the form of 8 with start and end in the city of Tàrrega. It follows the drylands of the southwestern part of the municipality. This route allows us to climb the Tossal Rodó de Vallmajor where we can enjoy interesting views of the sector.

The route does not have any signs and part of it passes through the Xarxa Natura 2000 Secans area of Belianes-Preixana.

Areas and places of natural interest


Cercavins: the Cercavins drains the Segarra plateau and continues through the Montornès valley to Verdú, from where it continues to the north-west until it meets the Ondara river.

Lledoner de la Torre del jover: large hawthorn grove located in front of the Torre del Jover. This hawthorn has exceptional dimensions in the municipality of Tàrrega, where due to the aridity of the terrain, they can rarely reach these dimensions.

Tossal Rodó de Vallmajor: the summit protrudes 18 m from the surrounding agricultural plain.

Serra dels Molars: mountain range that separates the terms of Tàrrega and Verdú.

The river Ondara

Albereda del Cercavins: riparian grove dominated by poplars.

Source: Tàrrega City Council

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