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Urban bank of the Ondara River

Distance: 1,6 km.

Accumulated difference in level: 8 m.

The Parc del Reguer, located around the urban bank of the Ondara River, is smaller in terms of surface area but, on the other hand, allows the existence of species associated with humid environments.

Areas and places of natural interest

Section between the bridge on Carrer Joan Maragall and the footbridge on Carrer Sant Agustí: in this section the river maintains a narrow channel covered with aquatic vegetation, especially with reeds and bogues.

Section between the footbridge of Carrer Sant Agustí and the bridge of Carrer Migdia: in this sector the Ondara River runs along an artificial channel with a concrete box.

Condals Dam: The existence of the dam allows a larger flooded area and a greater depth of the water table. Ducks (woodpecker, redfish, red mullet), waterfowl and carp are abundant in the area around the dam, and fish of Asian origin are very tolerant of water pollution.

Section behind the Reguer sports park: to the east of the Condals Dam, the river remains in a wilder state. In this section the channel is occupied by reeds and hedges. Orchard areas are still preserved behind the reeds. You can also see the stork’s nest built on top of an antenna, in the Telefónica building.

Source: Tàrrega City Council

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