Alternative Energy Interpretation Center

La Torre del Codina is an ecological and self-sustaining rural accommodation

One of the elements that characterizes the Torre del Codina is its total energy independence.

Much of the energy it consumes is generated by renewable energy(wind, photovoltaic and thermal).

Much of the sanitary water comes from the rainwater that is collected in the large stone cistern. Heating and hot water use the energy of solar thermal panels and the biomass boiler.

Despite the limitations of the house’s electricity consumption, it is a pleasure to enjoy a home that is very close to zero emissions.

You can request a guided tour of the facilities. Jaume will be happy to help you!

La Torre del Codina and alternative energies

Sustainability and the environment

The rural house of La Torre del Codina is described as sustainable based on the use of the following elements:

• Photovoltaic solar panels and electric accumulators.

• Solar panels and thermal accumulators for heating and domestic hot water.

• Heating with fuel and biomass boiler.

• Wind power generation with wind turbine.

• Rainwater harvesting and drinking water for bathing, cooking and showers.

• Wastewater treatment, with final pond for vegetation and wildlife trough.

• Lighting systems and low power motors.

The electrical installation of generation and electrical storage is of:

• Photovoltaic generation: 14,674 Wh / day

• Wind generation: 11,000 Wh / day

• Diesel generator: active power 12 kW.

• Inverter – 24v converter. at 220v. Maximum capacity of 5,000 watts.

The maximum instantaneous consumption of the whole house is 5,000 watts.

The combined thermal installation of thermal solar panels and biomass boiler is as follows:

• Biomass boiler: Pellet fuel, heat output of 45 kW.

• Solar thermal panels: 12 units, 24 m2, 6 kW

• Hot water accumulators: Domestic hot water with a capacity of 500 liters and hot water heating with a capacity of 1,000 liters.

The drinking water and wastewater treatment system is:

• Capacity of the original cistern of the house 40,000 lts. The water is purified by a system of measurement of Ph and Chlorine by ions

• Biological treatment plant for Seidel system filters. 1,760 liters per day.