La Torre del Codina és natura, és sostenibilitat, és biodiversitat

Torre del Codina is nature, it is sustainability, it is biodiversity…

  Torre del Codina is nature, it is sustainability, it is biodiversity, it is a commitment to the environment and the land around us. We are friends of all living things that accompany us. They are our life and our … Read More

La Mona de Pasqua

The Easter Mona

The word “mona” which is designated for the Easter cake, comes from the Latin “munda” (“tray adorned with pastas offered to the goddess Ceres”), plural plural of mundus or could also come from ancient Arabic mūna («present or gift consisting … Read More

Panadons d’espinacs

Spinach Patties

  Lent is a 40-day period that runs from Ash Wednesday to Easter Sunday. During this time it was practiced, and it is practiced between believers, breakfast and abstinence. Abstinence consisted in not eating meat for certain days or weeks. … Read More

Coc de llonganissa o de tonyina, i d’escalivada

El cóc, la coca de recapte, o la coca salada

In Terra Alta, they are honey and sagí cócs, in Ibiza biscuit cócs, in Vinaròs angel hair cócs or stuffed with “boniato”. Cócs de Fraga, and in Amposta apple cócs. Tomato and “primentón” cóc in La Matarranya. In Morellac cóc … Read More

Blue lilies

The state of alarm and the confinement caused by the Coronavirus pandemic will prevent us from seeing this year the annual show of the blooming of lilies.   As a ritual that is repeated throughout all the springs of our … Read More


Tàrrega: From the Pati to the Pati Cross

Today is a bright and clear day. We are at the end of winter. In the Pati de Tarrega chestnut trees open and raise their branches to the sky. On one side of the square is the monument to the … Read More

Plaques solars i tèrmiques

“La Torre del Codina: exemplary in the use of alternative energies”

The energy self-sufficiency of the rural house of La Torre del Codina is a sign of the commitment to sustainability and renewables that links with the idea of ​​being a reference in the recovery of native flora and fauna to … Read More


This year, the winter rains have been generous. Now, in late winter when the almond trees bloom and the fields are carpeted with green, it is worth taking a walk along the roads near the Torre del Codina. It is a satisfaction … Read More

“The docks of the train station: heritage of the Urgell”

In 1860, the railway line Barcelona – Manresa – Lleida arrives in Tàrrega. This fact and the construction years before, in 1854, of the road of Montblanc in La Seu, and later the road of Tàrrega to Balaguer and to Alcarràs, … Read More

The Order of the Templars of Granyena de Segarra

“Deus lo volt” was the war cry of the First Crusade of Christianity in the year 1069. From this cry and this crusade was born the religious and military order of the Temple: the knights-monks that have generated so much … Read More