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Improvement of the species and habitat of La Torre del Codina

Report on the improvement of the habitats, through the restoration of dry stone banks, the restoration of the habitat of community interest of the woodpecker, the construction of a vedruna, and the placement of nest boxes on the farm located in the term municipality of Tàrrega (Lleida) Polígon 16 plot 131, in the area of “La Torre del Codina”.

The executed project has four different actions:

1. Reconstruction of the dry stone margin of the pool area towards the path.
2. Restoration of the habitat of community interest: Alzinar de Quercus ilex and
Quercus rotundifolia (code 9340, Annex I of Directive 92/43/CE).
3. Construction of a circular stone vedruna of 4 meters in diameter to shelter fauna species.
4. Installation of nest boxes for the reproduction of various species of birds, bats and hedgehogs.

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