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Intervention of the Torre del Codina at the Institut d’Estudis Catalans

Minute 1:13:42

On October 24, 2017, the conference, “Interventions and current uses in the farmhouse”, took place in the premises of the Institut d’Estudis Catalans, in Carrer del Carme in Barcelona, with an attendance of close to one hundred twenty people.

Jaume Ramon Solé spoke at the conference, explaining the experience of rehabilitating the damaged building of the Torre del Codina to turn it into a rural tourism establishment. His speech under the title: “Rural house of the Torre del Codina: characteristics and uses”, can be viewed and documented in the following links:

Intervention of the Torre del Codina at the Institut d'Estudis Catalans

New uses, linked to respect and the recovery of heritage, are a guarantee for the future of our society as a whole.

Jaume Ramon Solé.

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