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La Torre del Codina, “Biosphere Certified” accommodation

The international non-profit NGO, ITR (Responsible Tourism Institute), has certified the “Torre del Codina” as a responsible tourism accommodation that complies with Biosphere certification standards, in accordance with the 2030 Development Agenda Sustainable United Nations.


La Torre del Codina, “Biosphere Certified” accommodation


The 2030 Agenda is an action plan for people, the planet and prosperity, which aims to promote universal peace and access to justice, which is implemented through a system of 17 goals. sustainable development, such as the fight against poverty and climate change, education, health, gender equality, peace and biodiversity. Each Sustainable Development Goal includes different goals (169 in total) that contribute to the achievement of the goal.



Wind turbine


Torre del Codina’s commitment and foundational commitment to organic farming, alternative energies, sustainability and biodiversity, as well as to recovering and disseminating the ethnological and heritage content of the rural environment, and the permanent commitment to culture, memory and social development have been instrumental in obtaining Biosphere certification.



Solar and thermal panels


La Torre del Codina:

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