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If you want to visit a winery in the region, you can manage the visit in one of the many that there are,

Celler Boldú in Verdú: Telephone: 689 42 54 72

Celler Comalats in Ametlla de Segarra:

His email is and the contact person is Jaume or Eva Bonet, telephone 639 44 78 48 if you call or write to them, they will contact you. The visit is € 6 per person and includes an accompaniment of wines with sausage from the area, type ‘pica pica’. Visiting hours are usually from 11:00 to 13:00, if you want to eat near the winery we can recommend the Hostal de Rector in Vallfogona del Riucorb, which is 15 minutes away 977 88 13 48.

If you want to order a table in a restaurant, I would recommend doing it as soon as possible in “LA CAVA”. The owner, Albert Marimon, received the award for the best chef of the year, and always has the restaurant full. The place is small, but I think it would be worth trying to reserve a table, eat well, and well priced. Non-holiday noon open at one, do not reserve a table and make a menu. The link is:

Another restaurant with a good menu and good quality is:

Níam Restaurant, Calle Sant Roc 17. Telephone 973 809237

You also have the L’Avi Siscu Restaurant in Ciutadilla:

If you want to order something different, a paella, roast chicken, prepared dishes, etc. you have:

L’Ast d’Or: Calle Sant Pelegri 12, Telephone 973 313 062, and is located at the following link:

You also have other restaurants: El Celler de l’Artista, Hostal de Carme, or pizzeria type: El Tastapans will be found next to the Traginer, or La Tagliatela in the Plaça del Carme. ‘Tapa’ type: Artapa downtown and at a good price in Calle Major, 14 – 973 31 03 27 , Insomnia in the Plaça Major, Telephone 973 67 47 85 or in La Croissanteria or Depans.

Also the Restaurant Catalunya (Casa Pérez) · Plaça Major, 2 · 25330 Vilagrassa (Lleida) · Telephone 973 31 14 65. The best snails in the region.

And if you have a free time you can visit the Museu Trepat of agricultural machinery. It is a museum that has just been opened, where you can see such a factory 50 years ago. The same ticket allows you to visit before or after the Regional Museum Museu Comarcal:

You can also go for a walk in Verdú and Guimerà, it is worth visiting the recently restored castle. Or rest quietly by the fireplace in the Torre del Codina and stroll through the surroundings, you also have two bicycles at your disposal.

Any questions or queries you wish to ask, do not hesitate to ask us.

Also if you are interested, you can order some good scallops with herring or blood sausage, or zucchini and onion with tuna, for lunch or dinner, at “Dit i Fet” on Santa Maria Street, 4 de Tàrrega Telephone 973 50 17 33.

For any matter, doubt or query you can call or write here or by whatsapp.

This is our Blog where you also have information about our environment:

In the house you have fire to earth or wood burning fireplace, two barbecues (one of coal and another Weber type), gas paella pan and paellas, kitchen with stove and gas oven. You also have bottled water, coffee, olive oil, sugar, vinegar and all household items, as well as towels and clothes in the rooms and bathrooms.

We also provide you with coal for barbecues, and oak wood for the fireplace. If you light the wood oven, it has a supplement of 50 euros.

This is the link of the cultural agenda of the Urgell Region,

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