Museum of Archeology. Ramon Boleda Collection.

A new visitable space opens its doors to Verdú, the Museum of Archeology. Ramon Boleda Collection, located in the Sant Bernat Room of the Verdú Castle.

A space that shows a selection of significant materials from the archeological background of the Ramón Boleda verduní. The exhibition highlights Boleda’s main contributions to the field of archeology. The collection, which was given to the village of Verdú in 2004, includes objects from various sites in the district, such as the Estinclells, in other municipalities in the Urgell, such as the Molí de l’Espígol and neighboring counties.

To visit the Boleda Collection, you must contact the Verdú Tourism Office in advance, by telephone 973 34 72 16 or by email at

Ramon Boleda Verdu

Ramon Boleda Verdu

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