In the Torre del Codina we are open.

Dear customers, We have established the following safety and hygiene protocols for the disinfection of the establishment.


1.- We have temporarily removed all those decorative elements that are not necessary and difficult to disinfect.

2.- We have replaced clothing (towels, cloths, napkins, etc.) in common areas with single-use paper.

3.- We protect the remote and other accessories with a plastic cover that is changed after each use.

4.- They have hydroalcoholic gel in each common space and in each room.

5.- They have a mask for each person staying at the establishment.

6.- We inform about the protocols that we follow for cleaning and disinfecting the entire establishment, as well as advice that all the people staying must comply with.

7.- The products used are harmless to people and the environment.


Instructions for customers:

1.- Wash your hands often with soap.

2.- Ventilate common areas and rooms.

3.- Use the masks. Avoid external visits.

4.- Keep the safety distance.

5.- Use disinfectant hydroalcoholic gel.

6.- In case of illness, visit the nearest medical center: CAP Tàrrega, telephone: 973 31 08 52.

7.- Health emergency telephone number: 061



Jaume Ramon i Solé.

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