Osmia Project

La Torre del Codina with the Osmia Project, for pollination and biodiversity

An insect hotel in the middle of nature, surrounded by Osmia cornuta: a solitary native bee.

Osmia cornuta is a native solitary bee, present in much of Catalonia. It is a very effective species as a pollinator of fruit trees and all kinds of wildflowers.

The osmias, conventionally called spring bees, are solitary insects that do not sting, of the worker family, they do not make hives or colonies, but rather build their nests generally in small reeds that they prepare for the well-being of their fine offspring. they cover with mud.

They only fly during the spring season, which coincides with the pollination time of the fruit trees.

Its pollinating effectiveness has made it the protagonist of a project that promotes the improvement of plant and insect biodiversity in our environment.

TheAssociació de Defensa Vegetal de les comarques de Ponent has made available to those who want to collaborate with the initiative, some boxes with bee cocoons. These boxes should be oriented to the southeast and have some reeds where the bees will make their nest.