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11/05/2023: La Torre del Codina a TV3 - Turisme ornitològic: un potencial turístic per explotar


Date of publication: 11/05/2023
Place: Catalonia. Spain.

In accordance with the objectives of protecting and increasing the biodiversity of the surroundings of the Torre del Codina, we have oriented the story and activities of the rural accommodation towards the offer of tourism and leisure in nature.

In Torre del Codina, the proximity of a water point, the nest boxes, the bird feeders, the plants and bushes in the area, everything is designed to attract, feel and live with the birds.

During the last Conference on Professional Ornithological Tourism in Catalonia, which was held in Lleida on April 17th, the growing importance of nature and ornithological tourism around the world was noted.

This is the short report that TV3 broadcast on May 11.