Winemade in the Torre del Codina

of the grapes of the Torre del Codina, we have made wine again every year

In the past, the lands of Talladell and Torre del Codina were vineyards.

In the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, an insect native to North America called phylloxera, which attacks the roots of the vineyard, destroyed the vast majority of European plantations.

From then on, the new vines that are planted are all with American roots, because it is resistant to phylloxera. This plague then left these lands without vines and their cultivation is no longer recovered.

La Torre del Codina until then it was a winery of great importance. This is indicated by the two large fermentation cups of the must attached to the house and which are connected to the cellar.

A few years ago, we planted just under half a hectare of vineyard along the path to the entrance of the Tempranillo variety. So again, from the grapes of the Torre del Codina, we have made wine again every year.

The production process is very simple, the grapes are harvested,, crushed with the machine that separates the grapes and the resulting liquid is the sweet grape must with the seed and the husk that will ferment in stainless steel containers and that we will have to go back every day.

Fermentation usually takes three weeks, and then we press the must and filter it and put it back in the aluminum container.

After a couple of months in which the wine has, rested and been drained, we transfer it and clean the sediment that has been deposited at the bottom of the container.

After a couple of more months you can start drinking an excellent young red wine.